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Someone won Game of Thrones—but it may not be who you think

Fans have been very vocal in their disdain for the series finale of Game of Thrones last Sunday. At this moment, a petition calling for the entire final season to be rewritten has nearly hit its goal of 1.5 million signatures. At least the question of who won the game of thrones seemed inarguable—until a Reddit user dropped a knowledge bomb Monday: Everyone might have missed Tyrion Lannister’s brief reign on the iron throne.

On Twitter, artists’ #Metsonas spice up campy Met Gala

The rest of Twitter may have been confused about what the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual gala’s “camp” theme entailed, but not its artist community. While the theme inspired plenty of the over-the-top ensembles fans have come to expect from the Met Gala’s celebrity attendees, artists shared their similarly flamboyant original designs with the trending Twitter hashtag #metsona. It’s a fairly new tradition, but one that caught fire thanks to this year’s bombastic aesthetic and the fondness ma

Fans divided over alien comic creator's response to anti-abortion views

As far as milkshake ducking goes, Nathan Pyle’s Strange Planet series isn’t the fastest something beloved on the internet has fallen. The artist’s webcomic depicting human rituals through plain-spoken aliens managed to go almost two months before controversy struck. A recently resurfaced 2017 tweet of Pyle’s, in which he appeared to express support for the anti-abortion organization March for Life, has since turned the comic’s comments section on Instagram—which has nearly 2 million followers—in

Dudes swallow AirPods in YouTube challenge video no one asked for

Around this time last year, the internet reached peak meme stupidity as hordes of teens, YouTubers, and even celebrities ate (or pretended to eat) Tide Pods. What started as a joke about how the detergent capsules looked like candy or fruit snacks quickly transcended irony and started putting people in hospitals. Now, two friends in the U.K. have taken another viral sensation—AirPods—and ingested them whole.

More 'Avengers: Endgame' toys reveal potential movie spoilers

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. Marvel may be tight-lipped about the plot of what’s arguably its most anticipated movie to date—Avengers: Endgame—but a few oversights by toy manufacturers have fed fans a steady supply of potential spoilers. With three months left to go before the conclusion to Avengers: Infinity War’s heavily meme-ified and traumatizing cliffhanger, BGR reports that we can expect Captain America and Iron Man to join the party of Avengers

The most wholesome channel on Pornhub just wants to make sure you're OK

More than 60,000 people visit Pornhub every minute, according to the site’s 2018 year-end statistics. But while searches for Stormy Daniels, Fortnite, and Bowsette may have surged in popularity last year, many of this year’s wankers would rather watch a fully clothed man tuck them in goodnight or do the dishes unprompted. His name is Ryan Creamer, the comedian behind Pornhub’s most wholesome channel. In just three months, Creamer’s channel has racked up more than 1 million views. It started as

Memes hit the runway with these couture gowns

Everyone has that always online friend (or maybe you are that friend) who quotes the internet so much they’re basically a walking meme. Well, with this new line of couture dresses, they really can be. World-renowned for its avant-garde designs, fashion studio Viktor & Rolf debuted a collection of impressively puffy, neon-colored tulle ballgowns on Wednesday. What’s got the internet talking isn’t how they look, but rather what they say. Each one has a meme phrase written in big, bold letters sta

The Waves and AirPods meme is taking over the internet

Most popular memes last a few days or a few weeks before late night talk show hosts and corporate social media accounts squeeze every last ounce of humor out of them. But on a few occasions, two memes will gloriously combine, combusting into a virality neither could have achieved on their own. Recently, the internet saw two of last year’s favorite memes, AirPod flexing and wave checks, take on new life through Photoshopped images that dominated Twitter feeds. If you’re always online, you may ha

Kanye's Twitter tirade prompts apology from Drake

The ongoing beef between Kanye West and Drake came to a head Thursday as Ye took to Twitter in a brutally honest tirade. It seems Drake’s clearance request for his 2009 song “Say What’s Real,” which owes its beat to Ye’s 2008 track “Say You Will” may have set off the “Gold Digger” rapper’s frustrated string of tweets. “This proves shit faker than wrestling,” Kanye wrote, sharing a screenshot of the request sent by his producer Free. Twitter users buckled in, preparing to gleefully watch the dr

Pornhub releases its year-in-review—and it's filthy

As 2018 comes to an end, Pornhub is celebrating with the release of its data about who faps to what, when, and where. Its sixth-annual year-in-review is a gold mine of every juicy statistic you didn’t want to know (but low-key did), and it shows not even Pornhub is safe from 2018’s absurd news cycle. The site received over 33 billion visits this year. That’s billion, with a “b,” and it’s 5 billion more than last year. In fact, in the time it probably took you to read this, Pornhub users uploade

This artist's realistic Pokémon drawings got him a job on 'Detective Pikachu'

Last week, the first trailer for Pokémon Detective Pikachu nearly broke the internet. On YouTube, it’s garnered more than 46 million views, overshadowing Disney’s Toy Story 4 trailer released that same day and spawning meme after meme after meme. Some fans responded with adoration, stunned to see the world of Pokémon brought to life, while others gaped in horror at their new photorealistic designs. But it wasn’t the first time we’ve seen realistic Pokémon. For anyone who lurked on Deviantart ar

Man drunkenly orders Snorlax plush—but there’s one giant problem

We’ve all done drunken things we regret after the fact—from useless items we bought spur-of-the-moment, to things we wished we hadn’t said, to intoxicated escapades we’d rather forget in the light of sobriety. For Twitter user @DevRelCallum, whose real name is Callum Underwood, his drunken regret came in the form of a $150, 17-pound, 4-foot-tall Snorlax plushie, delivered halfway around the world with no obvious way to get such a big boy home. Underwood’s dilemma began back in October when he b

Twitter says 'thank u, next' to this rapper's Ariana Grande cover

While Ariana Grande may have been petty timing the release of her latest song, dropping it just 30 minutes before her ex Pete Davidson appeared on Saturday Night Live, most fans agree “thank u, next” isn’t a diss track. With lyrics like “I’m so fucking grateful for my ex,” the song celebrates self-love even after the pain of a breakup, detailing how every relationship lost can be a chance to grow if you let it be. It’s a true lesson in maturity amid all the drama we’re used to in celebrity cultu
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